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Wednesday, January 06, 2016  

Email Permutator+

This tool is intended to help you find the email addresses of people you need to contact, extending and refining the functionality of the permutator spreadsheet discussed in Rob Ousbey's excellent post Find (Almost) Anyone's Email Address
New Features:
  • Multiple Domains - So you don't have to run each individually
  • Nickname field - Because your contact may go by either 'Tom' or 'Thomas'
  • Auto Whitespace Removal - In case your copying and pasting gets a little crazy
  • Direct Copy to Clipboard - With the click of a button
  • Shiny Interface - Because it's nice when tools are pretty
  • Nixed Redundant Emails -
    So you'll never see a middle name based email if you don't enter a middle name,
    nor a nickname-initial email if it'd be a duplicate of the first-initial email
  • Cross-Domain Prioritization -
    To make sure the most likely emails across all entered domains appear first
    (rather than providing all emails for one domain, then the next, and so on)
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