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Wednesday, January 12, 2005  

Links to Document Viewers

Reading documents sent over the Internet requires a number of viewers and the list below is taken from the above URL. Having the required viewer on your computer will make the accessability to documents received an user friendly event rather than attempting to find that "viewer" to read the document. Selected available viewers include:

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
ArNoNa CADViewer (.dwf) - (Windows, Mac, and Unix platforms)
Autodesk Volo View
Autodesk WHIP! (.dwf) - (Windows platforms)
Bidview (.cal)
Drawings .dwg and .dxf (Flatout)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Microsoft Excel (.xls)
Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt)
MaxView Viewer(.max and .svd)
Plot files (HP2 design) - .hpg or .plt
SourceView (.svd)
IMT Viewer

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