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Monday, May 18, 2009  

June 2009 Zillman Column - ChatterBots Sites and Resources

The June 2009 Zillman Column is now available and is titled ChatterBots Sites and Resources. This June 2009 column is a comprehensive list of resources and sites that give you the latest and most important information concerning chatterbots sites and resources that are available over the Internet. These sites and resources allow you to chat with ChatterBots using your computer, netbook, cell phone, or mobile device! Chat via text messaging, chat by typing or even talking with many of the ChatBots that are available freely over the Internet. The original ChatBot Eliza goes back to 1960’s and is still available! Todays ChatBots have artificial intelligence and really can amaze you! Enjoy this list of ChatterBots resources …. Download this excellent freely available 15 page .pdf (749KB) column today!

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