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Friday, August 05, 2011  

Brief.ly - Easy To Open, Quick To Close, Handy To Share

Now you can share more links in one go. Compiling several sites on one page was never that easy before. Just enter your links, one per line, and Brief.ly will do the rest within a second. Then click and share that jingly link with those readers you treasure. Enjoy simple and catchy designs with powerful analytical tools to help you with understanding your audience better. What Brief.ly does better than others:

» Link editing
» Link re-routing any time, any place
» Share many web pages at once
» Instant switching between the shared sites
» A dozen of catchy and short URLs to choose from
» Ask for as many random short links as needed
» Conversion into a blog or a private site any time, either way
» A handy tool to compile 30+ links for your mailing-to-send to be opened in just one click

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posted by Marcus Zillman | 4:00 AM
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