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Tuesday, January 10, 2017  


Edited by Philosophy scholars around the globe, PhilPapers is the largest comprehensive database for scholarly papers related to all areas of philosophy. Hosted by the Centre for Digital Philosophy at the Universityof Western Ontario and maintained by a number of volunteers, PhilPapers includes an index of all journals that have published philosophy articles (including both active and now-defunct journals) and an extensive bibliography of articles and books. Visitors can browse this bibliography - which, as of this writing, includes over half a million entries - through a number of categories and subcategories. As users browse these categories, PhilPapers suggests "sibling" categories that may also be of interest. Each bibliographic entry also includes information about how users can access the material. PhilPapers is updated almost daily, and visitors who want to keep abreast of new publications in Philosophy can check out the most recent additions to the database via the Monitor Current Research section on the homepage. In addition, PhilPapers includes a discussion forum for
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