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Thursday, July 24, 2003  

BlogChaulking is collaboratively mapping weblogs for smarter blogsearching. The site explains BlogChaulking in this narrative:

We have our blogs, like to read each other's and it would be cool to discover blogs from people living next to us. But there isn't a good seach engine for that So, we visit here and use a simple form to generate a special HTML code to add to our blogs. It contains some geographical information. Then, we wait for search engines to index our blogs, with the new code. After that, we expect to be able to search for blogs from a specific place, using the search engines.

BlogChaulk Search Only Search Engine:

Brian St. Pierre's

"Chaulked" Search Engines:

All the Web




And of course there is now BlogChaulking Reverse! First, we used offline signs to map the online environment. Why not do the reverse? BlogChalking Reverse is about using our online blogography to spread web signs over the world.

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