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Sunday, October 19, 2003  

NFAIS Releases Reference Linking Guidelines

NFAIS, an association of organizations involved in information management, has released a set of guiding principles for reference linking, and is encouraging groups to support linking in their products and services. "The organization strongly believes that industry-wide collaboration in support of reference linking is essential to managing the flow of scholarly communication," says NFAIS President Marjorie Hlava. "Reference linking provides a seamless navigation between bibliographic and full-text databases, speeding the research process and ultimately accelerating discovery across all scholarly disciplines as well as in business." The NFAIS Guiding Principles state: "Linking between electronic resources owned or licensed by a single entity should be strongly encouraged and widely permitted. Full-text publishers, information aggregators, and abstracting & information services should pro-actively engage in collaborative efforts to link their resources as long as a secure information environment is in place. Information purchasers and users should expect and request broad-based linking capabilities from their information and technology providers in order to maximize the return on their investment in those resources."

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