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Thursday, October 16, 2003  

Species Analyst

The Species Analyst is a research project developing standards and software tools for access to the world's natural history collection and observation databases. The Species Analyst project is based at the University of Kansas and Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center.

There are currently over 120 natural history collection databases being served through the Species Analyst Network, with collections located all over the world. All of these collections may be searched simultaneously through the Species Analyst, with the combined information returned to you in one of a variety of formats.

The original, and currently dominant form of the Species Analyst network is based on the ANSI/NISO Z39.50 standard for information retrieval. DiGIR, a replacement for Z39.50, is being actively developed by a number of developers including the creator of the Species Analyst network, and will gradually replace the Z39.50 infrastructure over time.

The Species Analyst project has given rise to, or provides the technical infrastructure for a number of other projects including:

MaNIS (the first full DiGIR implementation)
HerpNET (following on from MaNIS)
Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (using DiGIR as the primary information retrieval protocol)

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