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Monday, November 13, 2006  

Obvious Corp.

Obvious Corp

Obvious Corp was started by Evan Williams, along with Biz Stone and other associates. Previously, Evan co-created Blogger (aka Pyra Labs) and ran it for four years before selling it to Google and then working there for a while. After that, Evan was CEO of Odeo, a venture-funded startup. Biz Stone helped create Xanga, wrote two blogging books, worked at Google and also Odeo. Much of the rest of the team came from Odeo as well and have accomplishments too numerous to mention. But they think Obvious is more interesting than what they have done so far. Obvious was born out of twin desires: The desire to create great products that are innovative, beautiful and make a difference to tons of people. And the desire to create an environment for working that is equally innovative in a way that leads to greater success, sustainability, and satisfaction for both the company and its people. They are not sure how it's all going to work, but they will figure it out as they go along. Obvious plans to create a network of web-based services, each with a distinct purpose and brand, but sharing a set of principles and leveraging technology, attention, and good ideas where it makes sense. So far, they have these: a) Odeo: Odeo.com was recently acquired from Odeo, Inc. As one of the first, and largest, podcasting sites, Odeo is growing rapidly to become a hub for audio on the web. It's a bit confusing now, but Obvious is currently redesigning Odeo to be more simple and direct, b) Twitter: Twitter was acquired from Odeo, Inc., along with odeo.com. Twitter is a service for telling your friends what you're doing (and vice-versa). They say it's going to be huge and it really could be ... I posted on it in the last posting on my blog, c) ????: Obvious will be launching new products in the future, but not until we get our current projects on the right path and also find the right people.

I did a posting on You Tube two years ago just like this .... could these folks be the next one?? Obviously interesting ......

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