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Tuesday, June 02, 2009  

WebNotes - Faster and More Effective Research Annotation Tool

In my many blog reviews of products and services for research (now close to 10,000) I very seldom review what I consider to have "World Class" capabilities ..... I have just finished reviewing WebNotes and I can honestly state that they most definitely are on the leading edge of having World Class capabilities for their excellent research driven research tool. WebNotes is a Boston-based technology innovator of online research tools for corporations, educational institutions and individuals. Founded in 2007 as an MIT startup, the company launched an invite only beta of WebNotes in late 2008. WebNotes Pro is the next generation in web annotation tools, targeting professionals and academics who need to quickly and easily collect, organize and share valuable information from the Internet. WebNotes began as a side project during an MIT class on web research. At the time, students were being instructed to use bookmarks, and copy & paste text into Word Documents. The WebNotes founders knew there had to be a better way. After tinkering with some prototypes and kicking around the idea for a few years, they decided to formally start a company, and in 2007 WebNotes was born. An invite-only Beta was released to critical acclaim in December of 2008, and after listening carefully to their users and conducting several surveys, WebNotes developed a set of innovative new features specifically designed to revolutionize the ways people collect and organize information online. On May 18th, WebNotes made it's commercial debut with WebNotes Pro and Group Solutions versions for academic and professional users. I have been so impressed with WebNotes ability to annotate, organize and share my PDFs as well as using their multi-colored highlighters to organize the internal aspects of my white papers; I have decided to create a ProVersion of all my white papers as well as my 50 Subject Tracers™. This will allow researchers the template using WebNotes for added efficiency in over 50 selected research areas! I have also added this excellent tool to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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