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Wednesday, October 02, 2013  

OneClass - Access To 170,000 Notes, Study Packs and Exam Videos

Get instant access to hundreds of thousands of lecture notes and exam guides created by top students. You’ll find exactly what you need in a blink of an eye. Whether you have a laptop, phone or tablet, OneClass is available whenever you need as long as you have wi-fi. You'll never lose your notes or forget to bring them again. Stuck on a question? Their tutorial videos will help you grasp the key concepts and go through each question to ensure that you are exam-ready in the least amount of time. Connect with the top students from the past and present on OneClass and get instant access to all the relevant notes and study materials for that upcoming exam. Take control of how you learn by tapping into the best lecture notes and exam notes to ensure that you will be exam-ready. When it’s time to study, there never seems to be enough time. Good thing they have organized a bit of your life for you. With a library of top notes, study packs and video tutorials all created by top students, you’ll find exactly what you need in a blink of an eye. Simple, fast and effective. Join the network where students help students. Not only will you find some really awesome academic resources, you’ll also find some useful tips on their blog from The Ultimate College Packing List to 10 ways to make your ramen better. This will be added to Student Research Resources Subject Tracer™.

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