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Monday, November 18, 2013  

Hiburo - Small To Medium Size Team Management Application

Got a team? They have got a home for it. Hiburo is a simple, cozy and fun web application for small-to-medium team management. Designed to improve productivity & communication. Features include: a) Whole team at a glance. Put your team into perspective: see people checking in and out, always know where, when and why; b) Task management using kanban cards. Super-charged visualized workflow. Sub-tasks check list. Dead obvious and rock solid; c) Simple communication and activity feed. Everyone’s just a click away: share, discuss, plan; d) Document sharing. Don’t move your documents anywhere, simply hook up dropbox; e) Time & performance reports. Promote easy going atmosphere but keep everyone on track; and f)Fun and engaging environment. Earn achievements, throw parties, learn more about each other. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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