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Saturday, December 14, 2013  

Crowdhoster - Launch Your Own Crowdfunding Page

Crowdhoster offers: a) No Coding - They take care of the code for you. We handle payment processing, and provide an admin dashboard; b) Free & Open Source - They don't charge a dime to set up and host your site. Add any features or third-party integrations you'd like; and c) Customizable - This is your site. Make sure it expresses the look and feel you want. Features include: 1) Beautiful Campaign Page - Includes funding progress bar, sharing links, and customizable content areas; 2) Multiple Campaigns - Want to run more than one campaign? Go for it; 3) Automatically Convert to Preorders - Continue taking preorders even after your campaign ends; 4) Reward Levels - Easily set reward levels to incentivize your contributors; 5) Seamless Checkout - Integration with the Crowdtilt API provides a smooth checkout experience—we take care of payment processing for you; 6) Project Administration - Easy-to-use admin area for configuring settings and uploading content on the fly; 7) Contributor Management - Quickly reference, communicate with, and manage your contributors from one spot; 8) Theme Support - Want to truly customize your contributors' experience? Choose from a growing catalog of custom themes—or craft your own; 9) API - Easily pass your campaign data to apps like BackerKit—track your contributors, handle fulfillment, and more; and 10) Open Source Crowdhoster is 100% open source and the code made available on Github. The community of open source contributors has already built amazing themes and add-ons — with more sure to come. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

posted by Marcus Zillman | 4:56 AM
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