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Tuesday, November 04, 2014  

MailCharts - Track & Understand How Your Competitors Use Email Marketing

MailCharts tracks over a thousand companies, bringing you actionable insights to help you improve your email marketing strategy, make data-driven decisions and gain design and content inspiration. From email send-time distribution to day-of-week frequency, they have you covered. Wondering about average email subject line length or monthly email frequency? You got it! Oh, and browsing email subject lines is a breeze. Browse through thousand of email creatives, discover emerging design trends and get inspired for your next email marketing campaign. Analyze any company's email copy, understand their positioning and ensure your emails stand out. You can also view any email's source code. Track as many companies as you'd like. Want to track a company that they don't have? Not problem: simply click on "Add new company" and they will take care of the rest. This has been added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™ This will be added to Business Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer™.

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