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Monday, January 19, 2015  

Wealthfront - Automated Investment Service

Wealthfront is the world's largest & fastest-growing automated investment service with over $1 billion in client assets. They manage a diversified, continually rebalanced portfolio of index funds on your behalf at a very low cost and in an extremely tax efficient manner. Their unique service is made possible by combining a team of world-class financial experts, led by Dr. Burton Malkiel, renowned economist and author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, with some of Silicon Valley’s best technology talent. Wealthfront takes the guesswork out of sound, long-term investing through effortless automation. Wealthfront manages a personalized online investment account for you that is fully diversified and periodically rebalanced – accessible anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet or phone. They support the following types of accounts: a) Individual, joint, trust & LLC taxable accounts; b) Traditional, Roth, SEP retirement accounts (IRAs); c) 401(k) rollover accounts; and d) 501(c) accounts for non-profit institutions (wealthfront.org). This will be added to Financial Sources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Financial Sources for the Family Office.

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