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Friday, May 08, 2015  

Centroy - Online Team Collaboration Made Simple

Working better begins with working smarter. Connect your employees, customers and partners in a private online community. Share documents, create wikis, manage tasks and live chat with instant notifications. When launching an Intranet or Extranet site, companies often find user participation lacking. Online team collaboration must be dead simple for everyone involved. That's why we design with people in mind so teams start adopting immediately. Simplicity does not come at a cost to security. Bank-grade encryption, password-protection, granular permission roles, and customized branding templates let you quickly launch Intranet and Extranet sites as an extension of your business. Features include: 1) Central Access - Collaboration software to privately work with your team in one place; 2) Secure and Private - Security you can trust. Protected with bank grade encryption; and 3) All Sizes - Collaboration solutions that fit across all industries and company sizes. How It Works: a) Simple collaboration tools - Centroy's online collaboration tools let you manage files, track projects, create wikis, and schedule meetings with easy to use features. Select which groupware applications you want to use, and manage your teams from any device; b) Central administrative control - Administrators can manage unlimited private groups and assign strict permission roles to users, giving them customized access to specific information. Restrict and share what you want, when you want, from a central administrative dashboard; c) Brand as your own - Look better with your clients and partners. Business intranets and extranet sites can be custom-branded with your own website colors and logo to make your collaboration portal become a natural extension of your website. Our designers offer free graphics support; d) See what's coming up - Organize tasks, due dates and assign owners so projects get completed on time with better accuracy. Knowing what needs to get done next is often the most important part of any project. Centroy lets the entire team know the exact status of every project; and e) Instant updates - Get notified instantly through email when members post updates. Whether you're at your computer or your mobile device, Centroy lets you know when new information is available. Stay informed wherever you are, at any time. Request a thumb USB drive of archived files. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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