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Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. Author/Speaker/Consultant
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Thursday, January 07, 2016  

InfluxDB - Open Source Distributed Time Series Database with No External Dependencies

InfluxDB is the new home for all of your metrics, events, and analytics. InfluxDB Use Cases include: a) Metrics - Pair InfluxDB with Grafana, CollectD, Sensu, or cAdvisor to roll your own custom DevOps solutions. You'll have full visibility into your infrastructure, servers, applications, and Docker containers; b) Real-time Analytics - Track user and business analytics in real-time with InfluxDB. Use a client library in your favorite language to track events and numbers and visualize it all with realtime dashboards on top of Grafana; and c) Sensor Data - InfluxDB is designed to track data from tens of thousands of sensors all sampling at rates of once a second or more. Using the Influx JavaScript library and your favorite charting library, you can build custom sensor analytics in a few hours. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™. This has been added to the tools section of Research ResourcesSubject Tracer™.

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